Early Years and Schools
Learning Disability Awareness

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To learn to support those with learning Disabilities.


  • Understand how learning disabilities develop
  • Exploring support mechanisms
  • Develop effective skills to interact with learning disabilities
  • Examine classification of learning disabilities

Target Audience:

This course will greatly aid anyone who may have to deal with, or support those with learning disabilities. It provides basic information on learning disabilities and cognitive stages, with a focus on interaction strategies.

Course Content:

  • Understanding learning disabilities
  • Cognitive stages
  • Case study
  • Usual development ranges
  • Learning disabilities and your work
  • Sharing good practice
  • Psychology of sensory communication
  • Support mechanisms
  • Communication techniques
  • Evaluations and endings


The course examines learning disabilities. It enables participants to understand the concept of stages. It also explores communication and the need to ensure that different styles are developed in order to maximize a persons potential. The use of case studies enables participants to discuss issues that are relevant to their background and vocational experience.

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