Physical Interventions

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To develop participants understanding in the use of force and application of physical interventions by Security officers.


  • Understand the use of force
  • Explore the legal issues / implications
  • Understand the medical complications that can occur
  • Examine the concept of impact factors
  • Develop good working practice
  • Develop a range of non pain based measures

Target Audience:

This course is designed for anyone who may encounter conflict in their working environment and have to use force. It enables participants to have a greater understanding of legalities and defences relevant to the concept of the use of force. The non pain based compliance measures are currently being looked at by the SIA with a view to them being endorsed.

Course Content:

  • Introductions
  • Definition of force
  • Risk assessments
  • Legal implications of use of force
  • Self defence and the law
  • Medical implications of use of force
  • Outdated methods and non pain based compliance
  • Basic breakaway
  • Escorts and controls
  • Situational examples of non pain based compliance
  • Incident report writing
  • The SIA and the use of force


Physical intervention is becoming mandatory, the SIA have stated that all security staff will need to be trained in it, and if they qualified before 2010, they will be required to update their skills in order to renew their license. This course will greatly benefit anyone working in a security setting who may have to use physical interventions as a part of their normal role.

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